Jordan Patterson has helped me in a variety of ways. I have utilized his tutoring for many levels of math, as well as many levels of science. I refer most of my friends to him as a tutor and as a teacher.
— Colin DeFeo, 12th grade
Mr. Jordan is the best tutor I’ve had. He makes learning math fun (even when it’s really hard) and he explains the problem in terms you can easily understand. And the best thing is that he knows multiple subjects!
— Erika Jackson, college freshman
Jordan has helped 3 of my 4 sons over the years with AP Physics, Geometry and Algebra (the 4th is just a matter of time!). His calm demeanor and gentle patience helps the kids stay receptive to him, which is often half the battle with teenagers. His math knowledge and confidence runs deep and his ways of explaining and tutoring are exceptional. We highly recommend him for any student struggling with advanced math. We plan to continue hiring him as well!
— Karen Fox, mother of four
I am so excited about how it worked out when Jordan tutored our son in college algebra. My son is autistic, and math has truly been his challenge all through school. But for the time that they were working together, Jonathan completely connected and was able to understand some of the complex concepts that he could not on his own.
— Lynn Kellner, mother of three
My daughter was able to receive very specific help in a non-traditional, non-threatening environment. Jordan is in a league of his own providing extra instructional support based on individual student assessment. We have used him throughout high school and are very happy with the improvement in grades.
— Junecia White, mother of one
Jordan tutored my son in math from 8th through 12th grade. He is a very reliable instructor who actively tutors the entire time he spends with the student. My son felt he was easy to relate to and always very encouraging. He and my son had a very good rapport in which they would discuss where the struggles lie for that week and work problems to become more proficient. He was always willing to help with extra sessions and review whatever problems my son requested. Jordan is very skilled in his field and a most gracious tutor-always on time and very personable. I would highly recommend him!!
— Valleri Weyant, mother of two
I can’t praise Jordan highly enough! He has tutored both my middle school son and high school aged daughter in math and science for the past year. He is patient, knowledgeable and skilled at keeping my children focused during their sessions. He has been very flexible with our ever changing sports schedule and works to accommodate our needs. The most important thing is my kids like working with him and for that I am truly grateful!
— Heather DiNunzio, mother of two
Jordan is a great tutor who has greatly helped my two daughters. My high schooler was struggling with math and my middle schooler was failing Spanish, both finished the year with “A”s . His tutoring made the difference.
— Craig Creighton, father of two
Jordan was very inviting and helpful throughout the college process. He helped alleviate a lot of stress, and helped with many questions I had.
— Lauren Blejski, college junior
Jordan is an individual that I would credit for playing a significant role in the success of my academic career. He has the ability to articulate the most complex equations so they’re understandable to any student. I would highly recommend hiring Jordan.
— Alex Kim, 11th grader
Jordan was a great match for our daughter during her junior year in HS. He was able to provide flexible scheduling to accommodate her demanding schedule and was often able to provide support with her regular classwork in addition to SAT prep. Jordan had a strong impact on her success during this tough year and I would highly recommend him for tutoring.
— Teri Lenhart, mother of one
Jordan is an integral part of our son’s academic success. He knows how to present challenging material in a way that better suits Will’s learning style. Will has been able to take what he has learned from Jordan and achieve higher scores on test and classroom assignments. Jordan has also helped Will develop study habits that work for him.
Jordan has made Will a more confident student. It is so nice to have someone other than a parent helping him with his work. Jordan has a wonderful rapport with Will. We truly appreciate Jordan in our house.
— Michelle Morgan, mother of three